Glide joins forces with Google Cloud, Telefonica, MASORANGE, and EnStream unveiling...

 Digital Identity for The AI era.

Glide offers an innovative telco-based identity solution, ensuring secure and seamless management of user identities across multiple platforms. Partnering with leading global telco providers and leveraging GSMA’s Open Gateway trusted network, Glide simplifies and strengthens user verification and consent management.

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Backed by

SSO with Glide’s
Telco-Powered Technology.

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Effortless Login

Enjoy the simplicity of logging in without the need for passwords.

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Rely on your trusted telco provider for robust and reliable identity verification.

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Enhanced Security

Benefit from telco-level security, ensuring your identity is always protected.

Glide aggregates
Identity APIs for the global dev community

Refined API Access for Global Identity Management

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Aggregating global telecom coverage

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Open Gateway

Leveraging open gateway adoption

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Cloud Native

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AI is changing
the identity landscape

Cyber Attacks Are Becoming Increasingly Sophisticated, with AI-Powered Threats Representing the Most Significant Danger

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Spike in cyberattacks

Caused by exploiting identity (2023)

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Identity Theft

There is an Identity Theft
Case Every 22 Seconds

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Lost to cybercrime

Around $4 billion is lost to cybercrime each year in the US alone

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350M Individuals were impacted
(USA, 2023)

Partnerships for Global Connectivity.

Glide and GSMA

With GSMA’s extensive network and Glide’s innovative solutions, enjoy a secure, seamless, and trusted identity management experience on a global scale.

Google Cloud Partner

Powering google’s native cloud experience for network APIs. Glide delivers a seamless developer experience.

Built for the future.
Available today.